What Are Benefits of Planting Drought Tolerant Plants Trees

We drive long distances to rural tree farms to hand select the very best healthy and large tree specimens.  We like to exceed client expectations.

We regularly inspect nursery stock for visible wounds, moisture levels, improper pruning, and circling or “girdling” roots!  These are all important factors in proper tree health.   Just like humans, did you know that open wounds can be a source of infection?

Our tree partners have a reputation for healthy and structurally sound specimens.  We  install trees large or small for you, from 1 gallon size to 84” boxes!

Furthermore, we know the right and wrong ways to install trees, large and small.

Climate change is real.  Regardless of years of successive drought with watering restrictions, to above normal rainfall recently, there is one known fact:  Every year we go for eight to nine months without measureable rainfall.  Please consider California natives.  Or consider other drought tolerant plants in addition to California natives.  Drip irrigation is often utilized with these plants to help get them established.  We can help.  We know the process and the plants.