Are There Benefits to Organic Fertilization and Mulching?

Is fertilization needed for all trees?  No.  Native plants thrive in poor soil conditions!  Is over-fertilizing even better for future plant health than under-fertilizing?  No.  Too much of a good thing isn’t good.  Proper balance is the key.

As with humans, all plants and trees are different, with their own unique needs.  Our Fertilization materials are certified organic, safe for pets and animals.

Mulching has many advantages for good plant and tree health!  These include:  moderating of soil temperatures, retaining moisture for longer periods of time, improve soil aeration and structure, control weeds, create a cared-for look, and more.

For homeowners who like to create their own mulch, it is important to mix a combination of green and brown material together.  Avoid placing mulch immediately next to tree trunks.