What Are The Benefits of Proper Irrigation Installation?

It is amazing how many properties throughout Los Angeles have large mature trees adjacent to small flowers and shrubs.  This creates long-term and sometimes short-term problems with proper tree and plant health.  This is because generally speaking, large mature trees have deep and  infrequent watering needs, while smaller flowers, plants, grasses, and shrubs need water more frequently in smaller doses.

So either the tree that doesn’t need much water stays wet where the small plants are, creating greater chance for fungal disease and decay.  Or, the water is catered to the tree, (infrequent) and the small plants don’t get enough water, then decline or die.

We can solve this problem for you once and for all! We offer customized solutions, from new irrigation installations to minor repairs, with the needs of the individual plants and trees in mind!  We will provide detail customized solutions based upon type of plants and trees, and install specific irrigation materials with the needed range or distance combined with proper water emissions to prevent and minimize problems.

Often times, “drip” irrigation can conserve water, while catering to the needs of small plants.

We also install, maintain, and repair on-site water fountains as well.